Wes and Liz Martin

Wes and Liz Martin

Wes & Liz's Story

From the moment they met until their final moment together, Liz and Wes Martin were meant to be together. They were opposites who attracted and became soul mates. Their love was truly meant to be.

They were uncompromising in their efforts to always be there for anyone who needed help, comfort or support. Even though they were busy with raising their four children, they seemed to have infinite energy in completing the daily tasks a large and busy family demands, and always found time to help neighbors, support their extended family and lend an ear to someone who needed to be heard.

Education and faith were central in Liz and Wes’ lives. They understood how important this was to allow them to grow and thrive successfully in their careers, with their family and in their community. It was their desire for the children to have a strong faith and a well-rounded Catholic education to allow them to have a solid fundamental base to grow and succeed in life. It is with this Miles 4 Martins event, that we are tasked in helping to insure Liz and Wes’ wishes for their children are fulfilled.

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All future donations for the Martin children education trust can be sent to Wesley & Elizabeth Martin Family Education Trust c/o M&T Bank, 1603 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601.